News : Green Collar Careers: Proulx Oil & Propane and Proulx AutoGas Owner Jim Proulx

Oct 28, 2013

Originally published in The New Hampshire, Portsmouth Patch, and Exeter Patch on October 25, 2013; published in Fosters Daily Democrat on November 11, 2013.


When Joe Proulx first founded Proulx Oil back in 1944, the result was a changing of the energy guard here in New England from the soot and smoke of coal to something more efficient. The company, now led by Joe Proulx’s grandson Jim, 51, continues to embrace cutting-edge technologies, steadfast customer service and ever-improving, more efficient products.

Proulx was a pioneer in the world of BioHeat, a renewable-based alternative to standard heating oil. Grown on American farms, thereby reducing the nation’s dependency on foreign oil, BioHeat can be incorporated into homes and offices without any significant upgrades or modifications to heating systems.

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