News : GA offers Sustaining Members private tour at Isles of Shoals Marine Lab

Oct 7, 2013

Published in the Portsmouth, Exeter, Hampton-North Hampton, Andover, and North Andover Patches on October 6th, 2013.

The Green Alliance is already beloved for its ability to connect green businesses from across Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. These partnerships not only enhance environmentally sound business practices, but also are now becoming even more far reaching. It is only logical that educators and students a like, become part of this interconnectedness that is the Green Alliance.

In support of the Green Alliance mission, businesses and consumers join the GA to advance green business strategies and build a stronger local, green economy. The incredible membership support from the community contributes to the success of the Green Alliance and to the success of those businesses that are treating the planet gently.

For those consumer members that go above and beyond the call to action, the Green Alliance offers the Sustaining Membership, a lifetime of discounts at 115+ Partnering Businesses, access to exclusive events and promotions, and most importantly, an unwavering commitment to growing the local, green economy.

Sustaining Members are honored in the GA community, as demonstrated in the recent opportunity for two new Sustaining Members to privately tour to the Isles of Shoals Marine Lab. The public will have another Sustaining Member Drive opportunity offering all new Sustaining Members two tickets to attend the GA Gundalow Foliage Sail on Sunday, October 6 from 1:30-3:30pm.

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A collaboration between Cornell University and UNH, The Isles of Shoals Marine Lab is located on Appledore Island, working daily towards conservation and sustainability strategies. Holding tight to the importance of education in regards to sustainability, the GA saw the chance to connect scientific research with community advocacy.

Isles of Shoals Marine Lab is a summer field station that focuses on undergraduate education and research, mainly in marine sciences. When students step onto Appledore Island, they are immersed in the island way-of-life, which includes conservation of water, conservation of electricity, composting, and teamwork. Islands are isolated parcels of land, and require the upmost dedication to sustainability.

Carl Winn and James McClain, were the two chosen ones. Upon learning about this deal offered by GA, they signed up to become sustaining or lifetime members. Becoming a lifetime member of the GA has its perks, clearly! Not only are deals, like this one, constantly occurring, but also the list of discounts is endless. With nearly 100 local businesses now part of the GA community, you are bound to find discounts that are relevant to your life.

“We became Sustaining Members upon the offer to visit the Isles of Shoals Marine Lab,” Said Carl Winn. “We had been just regular GA members but when we saw that incredible opportunity we were inspired upgrade our support. I've been out to Star Island before and only seen the lab and Appledore Island from the boat but knew that it wasn't open to the general public so being a GA Sustaining Member afforded me that opportunity.”

It becomes very clear how dedicated Green Alliance is to its GA members, lifetime sustaining members, and its local community. Not only is it partnering like-minded businesses and consumers in this community, but it also brings together local educators and community members into this interconnected, green-minded arena. What better way to place yourself in the middle of it all, than to invest in GA’s lifetime membership.

Don't miss this month's Sustaining Membership offer, 2 tickets for the Gundalow Foliage Sail on Sunday, Oct. 6!

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