News : Bill's Green Tips

Oct 2, 2013

Originally published September 30th, 2013 in the Portsmouth Herald

This week's tips come from Bill's Appliance, a family-owned business in Portsmouth that specializes in used appliance sales, repairs and accessories.

1. Clean your refridgerator condensor coils with a vacuum to keep the refridgerator running efficiently. This simple cleaning chore can also help you cut that electric bill.

2. Purchase Affresh, a high-efficiency washer cleaner, for your front-loading washer to help prevent  mildew buildup. Get those mildew smells out of your clothes and cut down on the number of wash cycles.

3. You only need a couple of tablespoons of liquid dishwasher detergent to do the job. FIlling the entire detergent cup is a waste and not necessary.

4. Use green liquid fabric softener instead of lint sheets in the dryer. Doing so prevents clogging, unwanted repairs and extends the life of your machine.

5. Make sure you clean your dryer vent twice a year to help keep it running at optimal efficiency.

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