News : Rye home a testament to green renovation

Sep 6, 2013

 Origonally Published on Seacoast Online Blogs.

n the dozen years since moving from Seattle to Rye, New Hampshire, Chris and Susie Reaney had driven by 691 Bracket Road countless times – had marveled at the 130-year-old home and barn’s New England charm and striking stateliness.

As the years wound by, the Reaneys became so enamored with the property that, when its owners finally put the home up for sale, the couple jumped at the chance to move their family of five into a home they hoped might one day serve as a true testament to energy efficiency.

“We always noticed that it wasn’t occupied for most of the year, and we always talked about how great it would be to live there,” recalls Susie Reaney. “So we were excited and elated when it finally went up for sale – it was either go for it, or regret it later.”

When homeowners look to create their green dream home, they tend to take one of two, very distinct paths: start from scratch entirely, or undertake a comprehensive, top-to-bottom renovation. Unfortunately for the Reaneys, choosing the latter route – while the only real choice – was soon met with a hefty dose of reality: having to rebuild a portion of the 130-year-old structure from the ground up.

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