News : Green Collar Careers: Ultra Geothermal President Melissa Aho

Sep 3, 2013

Originally written by Austin Sorette in the Sept 2nd, 2013 issue of Foster's Daily Democrat.

When Melissa Aho, 38, joined Ultra Heating & Cooling in 2006, roughly 30 percent of the company’s business was in geothermal. But it didn’t take long before more and more New Hampshire residents started insisting on a cleaner, more renewable source of heat, and soon it became one example of supply and demand that this “green” energy business was happy to serve.

Today, the rechristened Ultra Geothermal is proving that clean energy is the superior source of power. With the help of federal rebates and tax credits that help save 30 percent on the total system cost, word has been burning through the grapevine that a little up-front investment can save you big bucks down the road. With their friendly, educational approach and state-of-the-art technology, Aho and Ultra are always first-to-the-gate in providing passionate service to the public’s ever-increasing demand for “green” energy.

“The fact that it’s an uncapped tax credit could be a huge selling point to a consumer who may be making the choice between a high efficiency natural gas system and a geothermal system,” says Aho. “I think that the more people become aware of this tax credit opportunity and learn about its specific applicability to geothermal, it will definitely help drive acceptance of our technology.”

You can read more about her on the Foster's website.