News : Visions Kitchens Broadens Green Offerings

Aug 5, 2013

From the Seacoast Online Blogs,

By Jim Cavan,

For years, Visions Kitchens & Design co-owners Nathan Johnson and Ernest Proper marshaled their young business largely out of their company vehicle, where materials could be stored and transported and office work could be conducted largely on-site.

It was an approach assumed as much out of necessity as green convenience – no showroom means no heating and cooling costs, after all.

Fast-forward one year later to 2012, when a combination of rising demand and a growing green Seacoast consumer base made establishing a physical storefront, at 70 High Street in Hampton, all but necessary.

But while maintaining a physical space presents its own attendant challenges – and bills – Visions has begun expanding its green offerings enough to far offset the downsides.

“We’ve been looking to branch out on our offerings for a while now,” explains Nathan Johnson. “The idea being to be an outlet for builders and other businesses as well as consumers.”

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