News : Portsmouth City Asked to Adopt 50 Sustainable Tips

Aug 5, 2013

From the Seacoast Online

By Charles Mcmahon,

PORTSMOUTH — The City Council is being asked to support a list of 50 "sustainable tips" residents can employ to help further the community as an eco-municipality.

City Councilor Brad Lown is proposing his fellow councilors adopt the list of tips, which he said was developed by the Mayor's Blue Ribbon Committee on Sustainability and with help from the Green Alliance.

Lown said the list involves several simple things a person can do every day that will help the city further its mission in becoming environmentally responsible.

"Portsmouth is an eco-municipality, which is similar to being a bike-friendly city or a pedestrian-friendly city," he said. "It means the city is committed to sustainable practices, and we thought this would be a way to get people to start thinking about the little ways in which they can conduct themselves to improve the environment."

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