News : NHPTV Green Tips

Aug 14, 2013

From the Seacoast Online,

This week's Green Tips are brought to you by New Hampshire Public Television.

1. Cooking out? Make sure your outdoor grill includes a burner feature. That way you can cook as well as grill outside, helping keep your kitchen cool and reducing your need for air conditioning.

2. If you're traveling, do your best to avoid peak traffic times. As best you can in New England, anyway. Save on gas, reduce your emissions, and preserve your patience.

3. Seventy-two might technically be room temperature, but our bodies adjust to summer, so be sure to set your thermostat as high as possible. Anywhere from 78 to 80 is a good, comfortable temperature that can help you keep your cooling costs down and your carbon footprint low.

4. Planning a family picnic? Stick to sunscreen and insect repellents made with fewer chemicals and avoid spraying your entire picnic area with toxic pest products.

5. Check out some of our environmental-themed programming. From national staples ("Nature" and "Nova"), local favorites ("Planet Granite," "Growing a Greener World," "Mother Nature's Child"), the quintessentially "New England Windows to the Wild" with Willem Lange, or feature documentaries ("Small Farm Rising"), NHPTV has long championed an all-ages appreciation for the region's unrivaled beauty and natural heritage.

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