News : For Mr. Fox, New Name Renews Green Focus

Aug 13, 2013

 From the Exeter and Portsmouth Patches,

By Jim Cavan,

Achieving the kind of professional legacy and success attendant to having an entire company named in your honor – by someone else, no less – typically takes decades.

Fox Bedard wasn’t even in preschool.

After nearly four years under the banner of EcoMovement Consulting & Hauling, owner Rian Bedard recently announced the launch of Mr. Fox Composting, an homage to both Bedard’s oldest son and the crafty, Robin Hood-esque Roahld Dahl character of the same name.

According to Bedard, the motivation behind the name-change was simple: let the name – the logo, the letters, the brand – do the talking.

“There’s a simplicity and a playfulness to the name that I think maybe wasn’t there before,” Bedard explained. “We went from a very accurate but wordy name to one that anyone anywhere can understand. And that’s worth a lot.”

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