News : Lyme Is Not Only Tick-Borne Disease Plaguing New Englanders

Aug 13, 2013

 From the Exeter News-Letter,

By Heikki Perry 

Warm weather enthusiasts migrate outdoors during the summer, but they do so with escalating odds of contracting Lyme disease and, as it turns out, other lesser-known tick-borne illnesses that can also make them sick.

"Concurrent diseases are going on that we aren't talking about, that primary care physicians aren't really screening for. And those are Babesiosis, Bartonellosis and Ehrlichiosis," said Naturopathic Doctor Robyn Giard, owner of Starry Brook Natural Medicine in Exeter.

But Lyme disease remains a concern.

Migrating deer spread Lyme disease, according to Giard. Also implicated in spreading Lyme disease are an increasing human population and homes built in wooded areas.

Lyme disease is the most common "vector-borne" - that is transmitted by insects or ticks - disease in the U.S., writes Alan Eaton, a University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension entomologist, in his February 2011 publication titled "Biology and Management of Ticks in New Hampshire." Lyme disease's vector is the blacklegged tick, also known as the "deer tick," New Hampshire's second most common tick species.

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