News : Group Rescues Dogs Much to the Hearts’ Content of Adopters

Aug 20, 2013

From the Concord Patch, Portsmouth Patch and Exeter Patch

By Heikki Herb Perry

DEERFIELD, N.H. — A New Hampshire organization ranges far and wide to pluck dogs from Southern shelters, eventually placing them in homes where they become members of the family.

Mary’s Dogs Rescue & Adoption, in Deerfield, N.H., has a strong reputation for saving dogs stranded in shelters, looking for the right match between dog and owner, and following up the placement with expert advice to new owners to ensure the match is a lasting one. But if a match is not a good one — and sometimes they’re not, said Mary Doane, owner of Mary’s Dogs — the search will start anew for the right match.

As it turns out, almost 100 percent of the dogs Mary’s Dogs rescue eventually end up in the right house, and local adopters of three dogs the organization rescued are delighted with the dogs that landed in their homes. And so are the dogs with their families.

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