News : Green Collar Carers: MetalWave co-founder Julie Wiggin

Aug 19, 2013

From Foster's Daily Democrat and The New Hampshire

By Austin Sorette

Julie Wiggin, 46, started MetalWave with her husband Brad in May 2011 with the ambitions of finding a solution for a proper disposal of e-waste. E-waste, a term just as new as the most recent upgrade for your iPhone, includes every electronic device that we depend upon – computers, cell phones, and the like.

Sadly, most people are oblivious to how their e-waste gets shipped overseas where lackadaisical environmental standards in Africa, China, and other places result in huge landfills of outdated devices. But what’s worse is that the toxic substances contained in the materials end up causing environmental destruction of their own. Even when people attempt to recycle them – trying to make the most of the precious metals, toners, and plastics inside of them – the toxic byproducts end up causing their own problems.

Based in North Hampton, the Wiggins created MetalWave with the promise of providing clients value, security, flexibility and the knowledge that their used electronic materials would meet a safe, environmentally-friendly demise. Considering that a lot of these items contain materials like lead, cadmium, mercury, and brominated flame retardants, the Wiggins are doing their best to maintain a gentler touch on the planet.

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