News : Councilor Puts Focus on Sustainability

Aug 12, 2013

 From the Seacoast Online,

By Heikki Herb Perry

The Green Alliance is helping a city councilor encourage residents to adopt a series of "sustainable tips" that will make the community more eco-friendly.

Councilor Brad Lown presented a list of "50 Sustainable Tips" to the council last Monday night. He developed them with help from the Green Alliance and the Mayor's Blue Ribbon Committee on Sustainability. The council accepted Lown's report into its minutes, while Lown urged the council to use these tips daily.

"The purpose of presenting the report was to generate publicity, which is happening," Lown said. "And the council responded very well. People were interested in what I had to say."

He also wanted "to show residents that while every person makes a little difference by how they think and behave, together they can make a significant difference in the environment."

Lown, a member of the sustainability committee, which he said contained "a lot of talent and a lot of knowledge," briefly summarized 25 of the 50 tips he compiled. Calling his tips "exhortations," he said he wanted to "share information about the really good work that the committee is doing."

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