News : Women Leaders at Marcom4

Jul 8, 2013

 From the Portsmouth Herald:

By Jim Cavan

For the seventh straight year, millions tuned in to watch as Don, Roger and the rest of the flawed, boozed-up crew of AMC's "Mad Men" scaled ever-new dramatic peaks - and plummeted to cavernous personal lows - in the recent season finale. 

The show, which chronicles the triumphs, tragedies and exploits of a 1960s Madison Avenue advertising agency, has long been celebrated for the compelling, nuanced way in which its cast and crew manage to tackle myriad social issues of the time - the role of women as a creative workplace force perhaps being chief among them.

Nearly 40 years later, one Seacoast marketing firm stands as a time-tested totem to that last, arguably most important, trend. 

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