News : Volkswagon Turbo Jetta Hybrid Leaves Competition in the Dust

Jul 5, 2013

From Green Energy Times:

By Alexandra Binder

GREENLAND, N.H. — Debi Altberg wasn’t searching for a hybrid when she recently visited Seacoast Volkswagen intending to buy a second VW, but when the decision came down to which vehicle had the best fuel economy and highest miles per gallon, Altberg was sold on the new turbocharged VW Jetta Hybrid.

“We were looking at the regular Jetta,” Altberg says, “but the hybrid stood out because of its great gas mileage.”The Jetta Hybrid get’s an impressive 48 highway mpg and 42 city mpg. Don Turbide, Seacoast Volkswagen’s business developer manager, acknowl- edges the stigma associated with hybrids, saying that “most hybrids are pretty boring when you come down to it, and they aren’t as fuel efficient or nice driving as advertised. But the VW Jetta Hybrid is different.”

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