News : PSNH Business Customers Can Cut Energy Costs with Glacial's Wind-Power Program

Jul 8, 2013

 From Portsmouth Patch

By Herb Perry

LACONIA, N.H. — Commercial customers of Public Service of New Hampshire can now buy a type of sustainable energy — Glacial Renewable Energy Credits — that support currently available renewable resources as well as aid the development of new renewable resources in the United States.

And they can do so while also saving money on energy costs.

Glacial Energy, one of the fastest growing retail energy marketers in the United States, is providing sustainable energy to New Hampshire businesses in a 100 percent wind program while reducing their cost with PSNH. The Glacial Pure program matches customers’ electrical usage (kWh) with Green-e Energy® certified Pure Wind® renewable energy certificates (RECs). With the purchase of RECs, business customers are buying the renewable attributes of a specific type of renewable energy generation, which supports the development of renewable energy resources.

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