News : Lyme Disease One of Four Tick Born Tick-borne diseases that Plague New Englanders

Jul 11, 2013

 From Exeter Patch

By Herb Perry

EXETER – Everyone migrates outdoors as the warm summer weather approaches, but they do so with escalating odds of contracting Lyme disease and other lesser-known tick-borne illnesses that can also make them sick. Children who spend a lot of time playing in grassy areas or forested backyards are at particularly higher risk of getting tick bites.

Robyn Giard and Krista Delaplane are naturopathic family physicians at Starry Brook Natural Medicine Exeter, N.H. Here they offer their expertise in diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections.

“Several different diseases can be contracted from ticks, including Babesiosis, Bartonellosis and Ehrlichiosis,” says Krista Delaplane, naturopathic pediatric specialist. “Lyme disease remains a concern, but the incidence of these other infections is on the rise in both adults and children.

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