News : Wateca Teaches Ownership of Environmental Stewardship

Jun 20, 2013

From Exeter Patch

By Wallis Gaillard

HAMPTON — Owned and operated by partners Nathan Johnson and Ernest Proper, Visions Kitchens and Designs specializes in full-on kitchen design from cabinets to counters, closets, and much more. Visions Kitchens offers a variety of products all from companies that practice sustainable harvesting including bamboo and sustainable woods. Similarly, Visions makes use of reclaimed or recycled cabinet and countertop materials as well.

The sustainable efforts and influences of Johnson and Proper are not contained by the business world. Both are active members of the Native American Community, specifically the Lakota. Johnson practices the traditional craft of parflechè, which are cases (like the ones used to hold the eating utensils), envelopes and clothing made of rawhide decorated with paints. “I was taught this craft to help carry on these traditions of our people,” Johnson says. “I currently make and sell parflechè
items for people all over the United States and Canada.”

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