News : In Rochester, a template for tenants looking to go green

Jun 7, 2013

 From Secoast Online

By Jim Cavan

From tax credits to federal rebates, improved resale value to reduced energy costs, the bevy of benefits to homeowners willing to take the sustainability plunge has easily become one of the most common and compelling narratives of the green movement.

But for the nearly 100 million Americans who live in rented apartments or homes, shelling out beaucoup bucks to bolster their abode’s energy efficiency is seldom a part of the calculus – particularly given the high rate of tenant turnover.

It’s a dynamic Chris Meyer intends to change, one building at a time.

Meyer, owner and founder of Yankee Thermal Imaging, is currently spearheading efforts to retrofit a six-unit residential space on Leonard Street in Rochester, bolstering the building’s energy efficiency and passing the resulting savings along to future tenants.

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