News : Olympian Sees Crossover Between Winning Metals and Ensuring Clients' Financial Success

Jun 18, 2013

 From Portsmouth Patch

By Herb Perry

PORTSMOUTH — As a 12-year-old growing up in Pembroke, Mass., Eric Flaim watched speed skating legend Eric Heiden do the impossible: winning five gold medals in events as disparate as the 500-meter sprint and the 10,000-meter distance event at the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympics.

“I always loved the Olympics, loved watching the Olympics. And I was really engaged, really following it closely,” he said. “And then the Miracle on Ice hockey team won, and Heiden was winning one gold, then two-three-four-five, and it became a magnetic draw for so many people because what he was trying to accomplish had never been done before. And it probably will never be repeated. I was very drawn to that.”

At the time, Flaim was competing locally in both speed skating and hockey. “But after that, I decided to speed skate full-time and drop hockey,” he said. “There was something that was obviously more pure about speed skating. The most appealing thing to me about watching Eric Heiden was his combination of sheer power, endurance, strength, technique and fluidity on the ice. It was just something that I was really drawn to, I’ve got to say.”

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