News : Green Collar Careers: Patrick Lucci, Lynnfield Green Technologies Managing Director

Jun 4, 2013

From Foster's Daily Democrat

By Austin Sorette

It’s not often that a one-time journalist and former computer security executive join forces to create a cutting-edge green product. But that’s precisely what happened when Patrick Lucci and Gerard Kiley worked together to create Lynnfiend Green Technologies, creating a multitude of cleaning and sanitizing products that not only work better, but also are affordable and earth-friendly as well.

The flagship product of the Massachusetts-based business is the Toucan-ECO, an “electrolyzer” that produces a harmless yet effective cleaning and sanitizing solution created from table salt, tap water and a small charge of electricity. Requiring no more than a few minutes of activation time and 1.5 liters of water, the product creates a sanitizer that is more effective at 50 parts per million than chlorine bleach is at 200 parts per million, yet remains harmless to humans and pets.

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