News : The Green Alliance, Connecting Golf & Hair Salon Businesses to Sustainability for Better Bottom-line Results

Jun 17, 2013

From Sustainability News & Entertainment 

Interview hosted by Diana Dehm

How can consumers become better informed about businesses committed to sustainable practices? Ready for this one? Hair Salons are taking the lead on becoming completely sustainable while cleaning up our ocean's oil spills...find out how! Okay, Golfers, its time to learn what Golf Courses large and small are doing to become more sustainable while making money!

Green Alliance assists businesses in increasing their profits by encouraging sustainable business practices and educates the public in sustainable goods and services available to them.

Learn more, when Diana Dehm, Host of Sustainability News & Entertainment interviews:
Owner & Director of Green Alliance, Sarah Brown
Owner of Sagarmore Golf Course, Richard Luff
Owner & Founder of Acorn Organic Salon, Laura Mackay

To listen to the interview, click here