News : Clean teeth, clean practice: Newmarket Dental joins Eco Dentistry Association

Jun 26, 2013

 From Seacoast Online

By Quinn Wonderling

Most folks living in the Seacoast region already know Dr. Nathan Swanson and the Newmarket Dental team as the area’s premiere sustainable dental practice, and now they’re stepping up their green game even further. Swanson recently joined the Eco Dentistry Association and traveled to its conference in the Beehive State (Utah – who knew?) to learn about the latest environmentally conscious dental products and ways to green his practice space.

Swanson decided to join the EDA for many of the same reasons he joined the Green Alliance, a Portsmouth-based coalition working to promote sustainable commerce – simply put, to minimize his footprint.

Launched just a few years ago, the EDA is a resource for green dental practitioners and patients that provides education, standards and connection to support the success of a green dental industry. It’s one of the first groups of its kind, and it’s right up Swanson’s alley!

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