News : June 2013

LG turns up the volume on its energy and climate strategy

Jun 26, 2013

 From GreenBiz

By Mike Bellamente

When assessing the carbon footprint of a $45 billion electronics company, thoughts quickly turn to the environmental costs associated with developing, manufacturing and transporting a world’s worth of appliances and high-def televisions.

But what if that same company sought to transform an industry by making energy efficiency the centerpiece of its differentiation strategy?

Within the past 12 months, LG Electronics has transcended the usual company line on green hype to prove that energy conservation is hip, and that sustainability concepts need not come at the cost of product quality and price.

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Marcom4 a Testament to Industry's Changing Dynamics

Jun 26, 2013

From Exeter Patch and Seacoast Online

By Jim Cavan

For the seventh straight year, millions tuned in to watch as Don, Roger, and rest of the flawed, boozed-up crew of AMC’s Mad Men scaled ever-new dramatic peaks – and plummeted to cavernous personal lows – in last Sunday's season finale.

The award-steeped show, which chronicles the triumphs, tragedies and exploits of a 1960s Madison Avenue advertising agency, has long been celebrated for the compelling, nuanced way in which its cast and crew manage to tackled the myriad social issues of the time – the role of women as a creative workplace force perhaps being chief among them.

Nearly forty years later, one Seacoast marketing firm stands as a time-tested totem to that last, arguably most important trend.

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Volkswagen Passat TDI sets Guinness World Record for Fuel Economy Around 48 States

Jun 26, 2013

 From The Chattanoogan

Volkswagen of America announced Monday that it has set a new Guinness World Records achievement for the “lowest fuel consumption—48 U.S. states for a non-hybrid car” category with a stellar 77.99 mpg — more than 10 mpg better than the previous mark of 67.9 mpg. The achievement also beats the hybrid vehicle record of 64.6 mpg by more than 13 mpg.

The Passat TDI Clean Diesel departed from Volkswagen of America’s headquarters in Herndon, VA, on Friday, June 7, at 12 p.m. and arrived back on June 24, having covered 8122 miles and visited all 48 states. The car, along with drivers Wayne Gerdes and Bob Winger, were greeted in Herndon by Volkswagen employees as well as Virginia State Delegates Tom Rust and Jim LeMunyon.

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Clean teeth, clean practice: Newmarket Dental joins Eco Dentistry Association

Jun 26, 2013

 From Seacoast Online

By Quinn Wonderling

Most folks living in the Seacoast region already know Dr. Nathan Swanson and the Newmarket Dental team as the area’s premiere sustainable dental practice, and now they’re stepping up their green game even further. Swanson recently joined the Eco Dentistry Association and traveled to its conference in the Beehive State (Utah – who knew?) to learn about the latest environmentally conscious dental products and ways to green his practice space.

Swanson decided to join the EDA for many of the same reasons he joined the Green Alliance, a Portsmouth-based coalition working to promote sustainable commerce – simply put, to minimize his footprint.

Launched just a few years ago, the EDA is a resource for green dental practitioners and patients that provides education, standards and connection to support the success of a green dental industry. It’s one of the first groups of its kind, and it’s right up Swanson’s alley!

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ReVision Energy hosts free family event for solstice

Jun 20, 2013

 From Portsmouth Herald Home and Garden June 2013 insert and Seacoast Online

By Heikki Perry

BRENTWOOD, N.H. — Fun under the sun commences the first day of summer at an event featuring free food and beer, music, children’s activities and solar demonstrations.

And you’ll probably become greener in the bargain.

ReVision Energy, in collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation and the NHSPCA, will hold its Summer Solstice Celebration from 5 to 8 p.m. June 21 at ReVision’s office, 7 Commercial Drive, Brentwood. Also participating at the event will be the Green Alliance and its business partners EZ Bikes & Scooters and AutoBeGreen. ReVision is also a GA business partner.

The meaning behind the Summer Solstice Celebration is to get people excited about the sun, summer, solar power and the environment, says Heather Fournier, ReVision’s office and marketing manager. “We have the solar part covered; the Surfrider Foundation will cover the state of our beaches, which we all enjoy in summer, explaining how to keep them pristine.”

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Wateca Teaches Ownership of Environmental Stewardship

Jun 20, 2013

From Exeter Patch

By Wallis Gaillard

HAMPTON — Owned and operated by partners Nathan Johnson and Ernest Proper, Visions Kitchens and Designs specializes in full-on kitchen design from cabinets to counters, closets, and much more. Visions Kitchens offers a variety of products all from companies that practice sustainable harvesting including bamboo and sustainable woods. Similarly, Visions makes use of reclaimed or recycled cabinet and countertop materials as well.

The sustainable efforts and influences of Johnson and Proper are not contained by the business world. Both are active members of the Native American Community, specifically the Lakota. Johnson practices the traditional craft of parflechè, which are cases (like the ones used to hold the eating utensils), envelopes and clothing made of rawhide decorated with paints. “I was taught this craft to help carry on these traditions of our people,” Johnson says. “I currently make and sell parflechè
items for people all over the United States and Canada.”

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Pest Control, Naturally

Jun 20, 2013

 From Coastal Home

By Jim Cavan

Chances are you have had this experience: It’s the first truly warm day of the year—late March, let’s say—and you have just gotten back from an unseasonably balmy park walk or seashore picnic. You walk through the front door, take off your shoes, head to the kitchen to start preparing the night’s dinner, and happen upon a trail of slowly moving black specks on the counter.

Carpenter ants. Dozens of them—and those are just the ones in plain view. In New England, carpenter ant infestation constitutes one of the most common pest problems affecting some tens of thousands of households in New Hampshire alone and causing millions of dollars of damage nationwide. While there is no shortage of professional exterminators capable of eliminating these destructive critters, rarely does the process take on a collaborative air that touts a more efficient use of the tools of the trade.

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Olympian Sees Crossover Between Winning Metals and Ensuring Clients' Financial Success

Jun 18, 2013

 From Portsmouth Patch

By Herb Perry

PORTSMOUTH — As a 12-year-old growing up in Pembroke, Mass., Eric Flaim watched speed skating legend Eric Heiden do the impossible: winning five gold medals in events as disparate as the 500-meter sprint and the 10,000-meter distance event at the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympics.

“I always loved the Olympics, loved watching the Olympics. And I was really engaged, really following it closely,” he said. “And then the Miracle on Ice hockey team won, and Heiden was winning one gold, then two-three-four-five, and it became a magnetic draw for so many people because what he was trying to accomplish had never been done before. And it probably will never be repeated. I was very drawn to that.”

At the time, Flaim was competing locally in both speed skating and hockey. “But after that, I decided to speed skate full-time and drop hockey,” he said. “There was something that was obviously more pure about speed skating. The most appealing thing to me about watching Eric Heiden was his combination of sheer power, endurance, strength, technique and fluidity on the ice. It was just something that I was really drawn to, I’ve got to say.”

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Downtown Chic

Jun 18, 2013

 From NH Home Magazine

By Debbie Kane

Longtime residents Geoffrey and Martha Fuller Clark have called Portsmouth home since the 1970s, when they purchased the Langley Boardman House, an 1805 Federal-style home just steps from the city center. During the thirty-plus years they’ve lived in their home, it has been painstakingly restored and retrofitted to accommodate their family (they have three adult children) and numerous guests. So when the carriage house that abuts their property came up for sale sixteen years ago, the Clarks were eager to purchase it.

The carriage house—part of a complex of Beaux Arts and Italianate-style buildings designed by architect Gridley James Fox Bryant between 1864 and 1865 for Captain William Parrot—contains two apartments. At various times, one of the Clark children or other college students have lived in the building, but several years ago, the Clarks decided to turn it into an upscale rental property. They wanted to update the building’s interior, while keeping its historic exterior.

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The Green Alliance, Connecting Golf & Hair Salon Businesses to Sustainability for Better Bottom-line Results

Jun 17, 2013

From Sustainability News & Entertainment 

Interview hosted by Diana Dehm

How can consumers become better informed about businesses committed to sustainable practices? Ready for this one? Hair Salons are taking the lead on becoming completely sustainable while cleaning up our ocean's oil spills...find out how! Okay, Golfers, its time to learn what Golf Courses large and small are doing to become more sustainable while making money!

Green Alliance assists businesses in increasing their profits by encouraging sustainable business practices and educates the public in sustainable goods and services available to them.

Learn more, when Diana Dehm, Host of Sustainability News & Entertainment interviews:
Owner & Director of Green Alliance, Sarah Brown
Owner of Sagarmore Golf Course, Richard Luff
Owner & Founder of Acorn Organic Salon, Laura Mackay

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Green Tips: Granite State Zoo

Jun 17, 2013

 This week's Green Tips come from Granite State Zoo in Madbury.

1. Grow native. When planting a summer garden, try to use plant species that live naturally in New England. Native plants such as bergamot or evening primrose really stand out in a garden of wildflowers, and decorative grasses such as little bluestem make excellent border areas for landscaping.

2. Graze locally. At the Granite State Zoo, we add variety to our wildlife ambassadors' diets by growing some of our own produce (including delicious grasses for our tortoises), and by buying locally farmed products whenever we can. This helps to reduce how much energy we use for transporting the food to our animals.

3. Cool off in the shade. By closing the curtains on hot days, you can reduce how much heat gets trapped in your house from the sun. If you use curtains that allow some airflow, you can leave the windows open to still let in some of that summer breeze.

4. Don't let 'em bug you. As anyone living in Granite State knows, spring and summertime are rife with bugs. Instead of using harmful pesticides, build bat boxes. Putting bat boxes up around your outdoor spaces will encourage these wonderful (and harmless) animals to make a home in your back yard and a meal out of your mosquitoes.

5. Reach out to a reptile. Every year, reptiles and amphibians across New England embark on a perilous voyage to find food, mates, and places to safely lay their eggs. Please drive carefully, especially on roads near ponds and streams or right after a rainstorm. If you see a turtle, salamander or other cold-blooded friend trying to cross the road, and you can safely do so, give them a hand to the side they were headed toward to be sure they can get on with their important work in the wild.

For more information on Granite State Zoo, visit For more green tips, visit or Green Alliance blog at

Lively learning on gundalow

Jun 17, 2013

 From The Portsmouth Herald 

Portsmouth-- Sailing season on the gundalow Piscataqua is under way, with a full schedule of public sails and special evenings featuring music and guest speakers.

Each Wednesday night sail through September will focus on contemporary coastal issues, while Thursday nights will feature live, local music. Great Bay- Piscataqua Waterkeeper Peter Wellenberger will be the guest host Wednesday, June 12, discussing opportunities to protect water quality. He will focus on improvements in wastewater treatment, guidelines for storm water and the new "Soak Up the Rain" initiative.

On June 19, Rachael Miller and her team from the Rozalia Project will showcase their work on marine debris in oceans--educating the public and cleaning up waters from the deck of a 60-foot vessel. These two sails are free and open to the public, due to funding from RBC Wealth Management.

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Social Kitchen helps businesses take social media off the plate

Jun 13, 2013

From Exeter Patch and Seacoast Online

By Jim Cavan

These days, most small business owners have come to appreciate the critical importance of social media in broadening their customer base and bolstering their brand visibility.

But there’s quite a bit of difference between recognizing social media’s effectiveness – the doubters being continuously fewer and farther between – and finding the actual time to take a Twitter or Facebook account to the next level.

Enter Social Kitchen, a North Hampton company created to help small companies throughout the region find their social media sweet spot – even when they can’t be there to pull the posting strings.

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The Job Interview: N.H. residents have a choice in energy providers

Jun 12, 2013

From The Concord Monitor

By Jeremy Blackman

A campaign launched last month by a coalition of energy companies, trade groups and environmental organizations is spreading the word that New Hampshire residents can choose who and where their energy comes from.

EmpowerNH supports a competitive market approach to energy production, because, it says, it improves efficiencies in energy production, lowers costs and broadens the sources of energy to which customers have access – including natural gas and renewables such as wind and solar.

New Hampshire’s energy market has in fact been open to retail suppliers for more than a decade. In 1997, at the request of the Legislature, the Public Utilities Commission issued a restructuring plan that pushed the state’s four major utilities – Public Service of New Hampshire, Liberty Utilities, Unitil and the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative – to begin selling off their power plants and other energy-generating assets.

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Summer Sail Celebrates Green Alliance and Gundalow Company

Jun 12, 2013

From The Portsmouth Patch

By Wallis Gaillard

PORTSMOUTH — Come join the Green Alliance and the Gundalow Co. for a wonderful Summer Sail along the Piscataqua River from 6 to 8 p.m. on Friday, June 28. Take in the visual wonders of Portsmouth harbor while listening to live music and imbibing in a diverse offering of Smuttynose Brewing Co. beers, all in the company of the Green Alliance’s sustainability-minded community.

Bring a picnic dinner and enjoy an evening full of live, local music. Watch the summer sunset on this gundalow sailboat, a reproduction of one that would have plied our waters from the 17th through 20th centuries between Portsmouth and inland towns. On this historic vessel, explore the areas surrounding Portsmouth along the Piscataqua River while appreciating the natural and cultural history all around.

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Green Tips: Petersen Engineering

Jun 12, 2013

This week's Green Tips come from James Petersen and the team at Petersen Engineering, a Portsmouth company committed to energy efficiency and green design.

1. Monitor water use. Track your monthly water use. This is a great way to detect leaks or changes in use patterns. Businesses should share water use trends and conservation plans with your employees. Tracking use will show that you care about how much water is used, and then others will care, too.

2. Purchase wisely. Consider water usage when purchasing dishwashers, washing machines, and toilets for your home or office. Water use data, in addition to energy use, is published online by EnergyStar for every appliance available in the marketplace. You'll discover that performance varies.

3. Water efficiency in toilets: Upgrade toilets with water-efficient models, which can use up to half as much water as your standard model, and oftentimes work better than the one you're replacing.

4. Check toilets for leaks. Put food coloring into the tank. If color appears in the bowl without flushing, there's a leak. A leaky toilet can easily double your monthly water use.

5. Eliminate landscaping that requires watering. Choose landscape plants that don't need irrigation, fertilizers, and other chemicals. Stop fighting with your lawn in an attempt to grow the perfect homogeneous landscape that can't exist without your constant intervention. You'll be surprised how much free time you'll have.

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In Rochester, a template for tenants looking to go green

Jun 7, 2013

 From Secoast Online

By Jim Cavan

From tax credits to federal rebates, improved resale value to reduced energy costs, the bevy of benefits to homeowners willing to take the sustainability plunge has easily become one of the most common and compelling narratives of the green movement.

But for the nearly 100 million Americans who live in rented apartments or homes, shelling out beaucoup bucks to bolster their abode’s energy efficiency is seldom a part of the calculus – particularly given the high rate of tenant turnover.

It’s a dynamic Chris Meyer intends to change, one building at a time.

Meyer, owner and founder of Yankee Thermal Imaging, is currently spearheading efforts to retrofit a six-unit residential space on Leonard Street in Rochester, bolstering the building’s energy efficiency and passing the resulting savings along to future tenants.

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Green Values Taught at Brixham

Jun 4, 2013

From Foster's Daily Democrat

By Jim Cavan

In the last few years, with the visibility of environmental disasters ever more heightened, one refrain has risen – perhaps more than any other – above the discursive fray:

What about the next generation?

Its charges might only be 100 or so strong, but York’s Brixham Montessori School is more than doing its part to assure that theirs is a future as bright – and green – as possible.

Originally founded in Portsmouth in 1997 as the Orchard Montessori Friends School, in 2000 founder Alica Johnson-Grafe reopened the school under the Brixham banner. Since then, Brixham has grown from eight students to just under 100, and includes curricula for toddlers, preschoolers and early elementary students alike.

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Green Collar Careers: Patrick Lucci, Lynnfield Green Technologies Managing Director

Jun 4, 2013

From Foster's Daily Democrat

By Austin Sorette

It’s not often that a one-time journalist and former computer security executive join forces to create a cutting-edge green product. But that’s precisely what happened when Patrick Lucci and Gerard Kiley worked together to create Lynnfiend Green Technologies, creating a multitude of cleaning and sanitizing products that not only work better, but also are affordable and earth-friendly as well.

The flagship product of the Massachusetts-based business is the Toucan-ECO, an “electrolyzer” that produces a harmless yet effective cleaning and sanitizing solution created from table salt, tap water and a small charge of electricity. Requiring no more than a few minutes of activation time and 1.5 liters of water, the product creates a sanitizer that is more effective at 50 parts per million than chlorine bleach is at 200 parts per million, yet remains harmless to humans and pets.

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Green Tips: Favorite Foods

Jun 3, 2013

This week's Green Tips come from Favorite Foods, a locally oriented food distributor that recently installed the state's largest roof-top solar array.

1. Conduct a water audit. A water audit analyzes a facility's water use and identifies areas where homes and offices can be more efficient. Google the American Water Works Association for tips on finding the best auditors in your area.

2. Upgrade to more efficient appliances and fixtures. Faucets, showers, and toilets can all be made more efficient, saving water and money. The U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Efficiency and Renewable division even offers rebates for efficiency upgrades.

3. Consider native plants and advanced irrigation systems. Planting native and drought-tolerant plants adapted to regional climate can help reduce water waste. Check out the Plant Conservation Alliance to learn what plants are native to your region.

4. Increasing water efficiency is one of the best long-term strategies for cutting costs and lessening your impact on the environment. Be conscious of how much you're using, whether you're washing your hands, or cleaning dishes in the company sink.

5. Place your sprinklers properly. Why waste water that just ends up on the parking lot or sidewalk? Instead, position your sprinklers so they're only hitting where they need to--the grass.

For more about Favorite Foods, click here

Cast off with Thomas Laighton

Jun 3, 2013

From Foster's Daily Democrat  

By Heikki Perry

PORTSMOUTH — Among the most enduring signs that summer lies just around the corner is the sight of the M/V Thomas Laighton plying its way around Portsmouth Harbor. And while residents and visitors alike associate the vessel with fun and exploration, the Thomas Laighton also exemplifies environmental action.

The Thomas Laighton is the cruise ship of the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company, an iconic Seacoast institution. Having been in Portsmouth since 1962, the ISSCo. is truly part of the community. Originally founded as Viking Cruises by Arnold Whittaker, the Steamship Company is still in the family, having been passed along first to Arnold’s son, Bob, and most recently, in 1999, to Arnold’s daughter-in-law, Robin Whittaker.

The company offers a variety of tours to New Hampshire’s historic Isles of Shoals and throughout Portsmouth Harbor and the Greater Piscataqua Region.