News : New Gundalow Sets Sail For New Season

May 29, 2013

From Portsmouth Herald

By Tricia Dinkel

The details of history often tell the most compelling stories of how things came to be the way they are now. For Portsmouth, much of the city’s history was formed not on land but by sea.

In fact, the Gundalow Company, a Portsmouth-based nonprofit, is dedicated to ensuring that when it comes to chronicling the region’s history; no one misses the boat.

Spearheading the efforts to protect the Piscataqua Region’s maritime heritage and environment through education and action, the Gundalow Company is committed to providing an exciting way for people to explore and learn about our rivers. In 2011, the Gundalow Company built and launched a new gundalow to replace the 31-yearold gundalow, named the Captain Adams, which had only been used as stationary exhibit. The new gundalow, the Piscataqua, was built specifically for guests of all ages to sail on a historic vessel and explore the region’s unique estuarine waters.

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