News : Jewett Farms + Co.’s Newburyport showroom a beacon to past

May 15, 2013

From Seacoast Online GA Blog

By Jim Cavan

With nearly four hundred years under its belt, Newburyport can’t help but be a city of superlatives. The first clipper ship, the first “Tea Party” rebellion, the oldest continuously running courthouse – the quaint Massachusetts harbor town practically oozes history and heritage.

For the folks at Jewett Farms + Co. (JF +Co.), a cabinetry, soapstone, and flooring outfit specializing in sustainable materials and design, the fit could scarce be more seamless.

Co-founded in 1999 by Mike Myers and Matthew Lord, JF +Co. has staked its subsequent claim on a traditional, quintessentially New England approach to the craft: Make the most of what you have, and always – always – make it beautiful.

For years, the company operated a pair of locations: a cabinet shop in York, Maine, along with their Newburyport design studio and showroom. But after expanding the York space no less than four times, in 2011 the team decided to lift stakes. After JF + Co. took over part of a century-old factory in Dover – necessary in order to house its growing business – the Newburyport showroom became the company’s signature showcase.

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