News : Hooked on Recycling

May 3, 2013

From Taste

By Herb Perry

Redhook Brewery in Portsmouth is well known for its sustainability practices. It has partnered with nearby EcoMovement Consulting & Hauling implementing a top-to-bottom composting program for its food scraps; it also gives spent grains to local farms to use as feed. The brewery has switched the lighting on the premises to high-efficiency CFLs and reuses water heated during the brewing processes.

But it took a visit from a local recycling company, Poly Recovery, to prompt Redhook to take a second look at the tons of plastic it was discarding every week, like green strapping made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Redhook now sends such refuse to Poly Recovery, which transforms the material into a fine resin and then sends that a few miles down the road to Hampton's Foss Manufacturing, which transforms the resin into clothing, footwear, and carpeting, among other products. The three companies call the collaboration "The Recycling Trifecta."

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