News : Green Tips: Acorn Organic Salon

May 20, 2013

From Seacoast Online

This week's Green Tips come from Acorn Organic Salon. With locations in both Exeter and Dover, Acorn offers numerous all-natural and organic products and services.

1. Cut down on disposable paper towels. At Acorn, we use hand towels in the bathroom and to clean up messes. This helps us reduce waste and cost.

2. Looking for new styling tools? Don't pay big bucks for new, trendy tools when you can get the same results from used tools. Have styling tools you're not sure how to use? Bring them into Acorn — we'll show you how.

3. Instead of washing your hair every day; just restyle it. Web sites like Pinterest feature all sorts of clever tips and ideas for a second-day up-do for your hair.

4. Here at Acorn, we donate hair clippings to clients who use them in their home garden beds. It is nice knowing your hair can be put to good use.

5. Make sure your hair-care products are organic. At Acorn, all of our hair-care and body products are extensively vetted for toxicity, naturalness, safety and organic ingredients. Acorn's standards go well beyond certified organic and look at each individual ingredient using respected scientific resources.

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