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Simply Green's B20 heating oil better, greener than ever

May 31, 2013

Published on Seacoast Online and Exeter Patch

By Jim Cavan

It’s a welcome spring first for any New Englander: Waking up feeling warmer than usual, walking downstairs, and glancing at the thermostat to see the temperature at a few degrees higher than the preset.

Winter’s gone, spring has sprung, summer is finally on its way – the last thing you’re thinking about is the next time you’ll have to press the button with the upward-facing arrow.

For those not keen on fast-forwarding to winter, the folks at Simply Green, a Portsmouth company specializing in bio-based home heating oil: have a two-fold message for you: You can go green and save green, if you act right now.

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For Lynne Ganley, Greening the Home is a True Crusade

May 29, 2013

From Exeter Patch

By Jim Cavan

Natural. Non-toxic. Safe.

Heeding the green lexicon has become standard practice for many – we know to pay close attention to food labels, to bypass items containing more than a few ingredients or ingredients with more than 10 syllables.

As for other household wares – health and beauty products in particular – Lynne Ganley has an experiment for you: Head over to Google, type in the most recognized name-brand baby product and “lawsuit,” and hit enter.

Pretty frightening, right? Ganley sure thinks so.

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Campaign Shows Choice Among Electricity Suppliers

May 29, 2013

From Foster's Daily Democrat

By Michelle Kingston

DOVER -- A multimedia campaign was launched Tuesday to inform New Hampshire electricity consumers that they now have the ability to choose who supplies and generates their power.

A coalition comprised of environmental and consumer organizations, business and trade groups and power providers began EmpowerNH to show residents and business owners of the Granite State that they could save money and the environment by switching from Public Service Company of New Hampshire (PSNH) to a competitor at no fee.

According to Candace Sanborn, Vice President of Marketing at ENH Power, a competitive energy supplier licensed by the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission to sell electricity to homeowners and small businesses, people will save, on average, $17 a month on their electric bill if they switch from PSNH to ENH Power.

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A Greener Defense Against Lyme Disease

May 29, 2013

From The Portsmouth Herald

By Jim Cavan

After what feels like a year's worth of winter, it's no surprise that New England summers are welcomed as an almost divine respite. Except, that is, when your weekend hike or garden excursion ends in that most unmistakable of bodily recognitions: a slight itch on your leg or side, followed by a fast unfurl of clothing.

You have a tick.

Short of scorched-earth techniques heavy with chemicals, one's options for dealing with these nefarious arachnids might seem limited. Not so, says Tom Pray, founder of the Ecotech Pest Control in Eliot, Maine.

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New Gundalow Sets Sail For New Season

May 29, 2013

From Portsmouth Herald

By Tricia Dinkel

The details of history often tell the most compelling stories of how things came to be the way they are now. For Portsmouth, much of the city’s history was formed not on land but by sea.

In fact, the Gundalow Company, a Portsmouth-based nonprofit, is dedicated to ensuring that when it comes to chronicling the region’s history; no one misses the boat.

Spearheading the efforts to protect the Piscataqua Region’s maritime heritage and environment through education and action, the Gundalow Company is committed to providing an exciting way for people to explore and learn about our rivers. In 2011, the Gundalow Company built and launched a new gundalow to replace the 31-yearold gundalow, named the Captain Adams, which had only been used as stationary exhibit. The new gundalow, the Piscataqua, was built specifically for guests of all ages to sail on a historic vessel and explore the region’s unique estuarine waters.

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New Hampshire energy suppliers announce new alliance

May 28, 2013

From NH Union Leader

By Dave Solomon

Energy supply companies, trade groups and environmental organizations have announced the formation of a new alliance they say is designed to educate New Hampshire consumers about options they have when choosing their electricity provider and protecting the environment.

EmpowerNH plans to roll out a multimedia campaign focused on electricity deregulation and how consumer choices not only affect the price of power, but also the way it is generated.

Founding members of the EmpowerNH coalition effort include the Campaign for Ratepayer Rights, the COMPETE Coalition, the Conservation Law Foundation, ENH Power, the Green Alliance, North American Power and the Retail Energy Supply Association.

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Gundalow sailing season starts

May 24, 2013

From Foster's Daily Democrat

 PORTSMOUTH – The Gundalow Company will open for their second sailing season on Saturday, May 25.

Last year, the Gundalow Company commenced their first season of offering trips aboard the Piscataqua, a replica of the shallow draft barge-style sailboats that once connected up-river communities with Portsmouth. This year, the organization will continue to offer public sails five days a week through October.

The Piscataqua was constructed and launched in 2011 to serve as a sailing classroom for school groups and to provide a unique sailing experience for local residents and visitors.

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Gundalow Company Sets Sail for Second Season Aboard 'Piscataqua'

May 24, 2013

From Portsmouth Patch

By Tricia Dinkel

The details of history often tell the most compelling stories of how things came to be the way they are now. For Portsmouth, NH, much of the town’s history was formed not on land but by sea. In fact, the Gundalow Company, a Portsmouth-based nonprofit, is dedicated to ensuring that when it comes to the chronicling the region's history no one misses the boat.

In 1886, the last gundalow cargo barge, the Fanny M., departed from Adam’s Point in Durham and drawing to a close the historical rise and fall of the region’s commercial gundalow transportation. Nearly 100 years later, drawings of the Fanny M. were used to reconstruct the gundalow for people to learn how the vessel helped shape the New Hampshire coast.

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Green Alliance plans Partner Bash May 29

May 24, 2013

From Foster's Daily Democrat

By Tricia Dinkel 

PORTSMOUTH -- There is an old saying in business; it’s all about who you know. For the partnering businesses of the Green Alliance, being allied with over 115 other local, green business owners can result in meaningful and lucrative relationships.

Celebrating the 115 (and growing) sustainable entrepreneurs network, the Green Alliance is throwing an exclusive Business Partner Bash at the Portsmouth Brewery on May 29 from 7pm – 9pm. A Green Alliance Business itself, the Portsmouth Brewery will host this event and will feature some inspirational words by sustainability-minded Portsmouth Brewery and Smuttynose Brewing Co. owner Peter Egelston. In addition to honoring the distinguished green leaders of business, the BP Bash offers the opportunity to meet and socialize with other GA Business owners, employees, and families. And, of course, enjoy some delicious beer!

The GA Business Partner Bash couldn’t come at a better time as the Green Alliance marks its fourth year anniversary.

In stormy economy, socially responsible investments a welcome safe haven

May 22, 2013

 From Seacoast Online

By Jim Cavan

If the stock market were a roller coaster at Six Flags, you can bet the line to ride would be short – the prospective riders, thrill-seekers all.

World market jitters – wrought by the slow economic recovery from the 2008 Great Recession – recent have thrown into high relief the precarious state of the global economy. But a lesser known, seldom covered phenomenon is beginning to resonate above the turmoil: The relative success of incorporating environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) investment criteria.

According to the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment (US SIF), 720 investment funds, combining for $1.01 trillion in assets under management, now incorporate ESG criteria in their investment strategies, an increase of 78% over assets tracked in 2010. Meanwhile, a majority of large cap ESG funds – those which deal with companies valued in the billions of dollars – outperformed the S&P 500 over ten years.

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Prelude set to celebrate anniversary in Portsmouth

May 21, 2013

From Portsmouth Herald

By Suzanne Laurent

PORTSMOUTH — Prelude is celebrating its 30th year as a purveyor of romantic, eclectic and organic goods in Market Square.

Its current owner, Holly Landgarten, said she first walked into the shop at 65 Market St. one month after the shop's second owner, Fa Vereen, took over in May 1989.
"I asked if I could make her some signs for the items she had on display," Landgarten said. "She agreed, and I did some calligraphy for her."

The original owner, Thom Lager, opened Prelude in April 1983. Landgarten said Lager came up with the name of the store that sells soaps, lotions, bath and body care, jewelry, scarves and small treasures after watching his wife get ready to out for dinner with him.

"He saw her putting on lotions and perfume and then deciding how to accessorize her dress," she said. "It was like a 'prelude' to the evening."

Landgarten, of Kittery, Maine, purchased the shop from Vereen in May 1998.

"A lot of product lines were here, but I've added many organic products," she said.

Inside the shop, there are colorful scarves draped in corners throughout the 500-square-foot store, lovely scents from the soaps and perfumes, sparkling jewelry, and stunning small framed photographs by Joseph Barnett of Kennebunk, Maine.

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Jim Pender Jr., President and COO of Rockingham Electric

May 21, 2013

From Foster's Daily Democrat

By Austin Sorette

Today, Rockingham Electric is one of the most iconic businesses on the Seacoast – everyone knows the “big red barn” right off of Route 16. Founded in 1951, Rockingham’s steady growth was dealt a huge blow in December 1968, when a fire broke out at the company’s Portsmouth headquarters. Within hours the building – along with the inventory, company records, cash and accounts – were gone.

Former President Jim Pender – who also happens to be the father of the current President, 49-year-old Jim Pender, Jr. – decided to move the company to Newington, right next to the General Sullivan Bridge, where the company continues to thrive today.

While the recession has dealt a blow to the building and construction trades, Rockingham has remained successful in part due to its optimistic embrace of efficient lighting products and design strategies, getting out in front of the forthcoming efficiency benchmarks with great enthusiasm.

“There’s somewhat of a learning curve when looking into incorporating LED lighting in particular, but there’s definitely a growing interest,” says Jim Pender, Jr. of the company’s green technology. “More and more we’re finding that people who are interested in really upgrading their home and doing it in a way that’s meaningful and more environmentally conscious, are figuring out that this is very viable choice.”

LEDs are not only much more efficient than standard incandescent bulbs (many can burn for as long as 50,000 hours, compared to only 2,000 hours at most with the incandescent); they’ve also grown with respect to color, warmth, and overall aesthetics.

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Green Tips: Acorn Organic Salon

May 20, 2013

From Seacoast Online

This week's Green Tips come from Acorn Organic Salon. With locations in both Exeter and Dover, Acorn offers numerous all-natural and organic products and services.

1. Cut down on disposable paper towels. At Acorn, we use hand towels in the bathroom and to clean up messes. This helps us reduce waste and cost.

2. Looking for new styling tools? Don't pay big bucks for new, trendy tools when you can get the same results from used tools. Have styling tools you're not sure how to use? Bring them into Acorn — we'll show you how.

3. Instead of washing your hair every day; just restyle it. Web sites like Pinterest feature all sorts of clever tips and ideas for a second-day up-do for your hair.

4. Here at Acorn, we donate hair clippings to clients who use them in their home garden beds. It is nice knowing your hair can be put to good use.

5. Make sure your hair-care products are organic. At Acorn, all of our hair-care and body products are extensively vetted for toxicity, naturalness, safety and organic ingredients. Acorn's standards go well beyond certified organic and look at each individual ingredient using respected scientific resources.

For information about Acorn Organic Salon, visit For more green tips, visit or at the Green Alliance blog at

Antrim asks for review of wind farm project

May 17, 2013

From the Union Leader 

By Meghan Pierce

ANTRIM — The debate over the proposed Tuttle Hill wind farm is heating up again.

The town submitted an appeal Wednesday of the state Site Evaluation Committee’s denial of a permit to Antrim Wind Energy LLC for the project, and, in doing so, requested a rehearing of the application.

The appeal follows two contentious public hearings to discuss the acceptance of $40,000 from Antrim Wind to the town to offset the aesthetic impact of the industrial wind project by funding improvements to the surrounding Gregg Lake area.

Town Administrator Galen Stearns said the $40,000 is not a bribe, as some residents have said.

“The Selectmen’s position was we already agree to the project and we have already entered into a PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) agreement with Antrim Wind. This is an offer over and above what we would receive if the offer goes forward so there’s no reason not to take it,” Stearns said.

The appeal and request for a rehearing were crafted by Antrim Wind’s attorneys Orr & Reno, according to Select Board Chairman Gordon Webber. Antrim Wind requested the town appeal the decision in support of the LLC’s pending appeal, which has to be submitted by June 1, Webber said.

“We support renewable energy. We look forward to the revenue this project would bring to Antrim. And we are supportive of Antrim Wind LLC. As a company, we feel very comfortable with them,” Webber said.

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Green Home: Futuro Builders Broaden Future of Green Building

May 15, 2013

From Fosters Your Home

By Tricia Dinkel

Over the years, the term development has evolved to mean far more than just the addition of cookie-cutter compounds and skyscrapers. As the world becomes more attentive to the environmental impacts of building, sustainability and efficiency initiatives emerge as priorities for the industry's future. For business owners Jesse Ware and Craig Briggs, the future of sustainable building is simply called, Futuro.

In 2011, industry veterans Briggs and Ware combined their years of experience and unwavering commitment to sustainability to launch Futuro Builders. From commercial projects to residential homes, Futuro Builders is a building firm that doesn't promote environmental sustainability as the future, but rather as the standard.

Co-founder, Jesse Ware, is honest about the green direction of Futuro Builder. "We approach our work the way we do for many reasons. The biggest reason, though, is we believe in it. It is at the core of our values," Says Ware. "For both Craig and I, creating something that is healthier, more efficient, and has less impact on the Earth is always going to be the right thing to do."

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Jewett Farms + Co.’s Newburyport showroom a beacon to past

May 15, 2013

From Seacoast Online GA Blog

By Jim Cavan

With nearly four hundred years under its belt, Newburyport can’t help but be a city of superlatives. The first clipper ship, the first “Tea Party” rebellion, the oldest continuously running courthouse – the quaint Massachusetts harbor town practically oozes history and heritage.

For the folks at Jewett Farms + Co. (JF +Co.), a cabinetry, soapstone, and flooring outfit specializing in sustainable materials and design, the fit could scarce be more seamless.

Co-founded in 1999 by Mike Myers and Matthew Lord, JF +Co. has staked its subsequent claim on a traditional, quintessentially New England approach to the craft: Make the most of what you have, and always – always – make it beautiful.

For years, the company operated a pair of locations: a cabinet shop in York, Maine, along with their Newburyport design studio and showroom. But after expanding the York space no less than four times, in 2011 the team decided to lift stakes. After JF + Co. took over part of a century-old factory in Dover – necessary in order to house its growing business – the Newburyport showroom became the company’s signature showcase.

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Exeter's EZ Bikes Touts New Line

May 15, 2013

 From Exeter Patchh Seacoast Online, and Portsmouth Patch

By Jim Cavan

The growing appeal of electric bicycles isn’t difficult to grasp: As many Americans continue to feel the effects of unstable gas prices, having a more efficient secondary or tertiary transportation alternative can go a long way in easing pocketbook strain.

But for as effective and efficient as many electric bikes are, they continue to harbor – fair or not – something of an aesthetic stigma.

“The way a lot of models are built, you can kind of tell they’re electric,” says Teresa Hemenway, co-owner of the Exeter-based EZ Bikes and Scooters. “Now, for some people, the functionality is all that matters. But younger people are always looking for something with style.”

Just last week, EZ introduced two new lines of electric bikes – The Neo Race, manufactured by E Motion; and the Outlaw SS – made to be as eye-poppingly hip as they are fuel-efficient.

Hemenway said that the Bikes – one of which, the Outlaw SS, is made in the United States – are more reasonably priced than many of their competitors.

Designed to compliment traditional road racing bikes, the Neo Race offers what Hemenway calls a “purist appeal.”

“It’s a great way for traditional riders who want to cover the same distance in a shorter period, or for people who want to better keep up with a partner who is used to covering longer distances,” she said. “So you have the look and feel of a road bike, but with that extra boost when you need it.”

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Green Tips: New Freedom Laser

May 14, 2013

From Portsmouth Herald

By Jim Cavan

This week's Green Tips come from New Freedom Laser, a Kittery, Maine, practice that specializes in laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Check out these green-focused tips to help you protect your skin.

1. Be sure to apply sunscreen 20 minutes before prolonged sun exposure. It takes a while for most lotions to kick in, so don't let your first application go to waste.

2. Avoid fragrant products. Under federal law, makers of skin products don't have to disclose the chemicals that give certain skin-care products their fragrance. When choosing skin care products, make sure you know what's in them.

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RGGI will let the region thrive

May 13, 2013

From The Portsmouth Herald

By Chris Meyer

Back in 2008, one year into the Great Recession, I started a brand-new business.


Just the opposite.

My company, Yankee Thermal Imaging, makes money by helping New Englanders save money on energy. We test buildings with cutting-edge technology that zeroes in on leaks, and then send crews to fix the problems. We've helped scores of families and more than a dozen municipalities save what will likely turn out to be tens of thousands of dollars in energy waste.

The economic downturn raised a lot of awareness about energy costs, and how much thriftier we can be with the right up-front investments. Even as it ebbs, I doubt Americans are likely to turn back. It's not just that we're saving money, we're also helping clean our air and water, and strengthening our nation by reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

All this also helps explain why I support the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, RGGI, the pioneering pact that joins New Hampshire and eight other states in a smarter regional energy strategy. In the next few weeks, our lawmakers will vote on whether to stay in the 3-year-old project. I hope they understand how much RGGI has been strengthening the state economy — and not just clean-energy businesses like mine. The pact provides major incentives for firms to improve their efficiency, which saves money for other efforts, like hiring and investing, which make our economy grow.

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Pathway Connect Group starting in South Berwick

May 10, 2013

From Seacoast Online and The Weekly Sentinel

SOUTH BERWICK, Maine — Great Works Chiropractic & Wellness announced the addition of Pathways Connect, a gathering group for families who are interested in creating a conscious living community.

Topics of interest will include conscious living choices such as breast feeding, healthy diets and compassionate parenting.

The inaugural meeting, to be held May 14, will focus on the topics of "harvest happiness in motherhood," becoming gluten free and gratitude.

Pathways Connect South Berwick aims to be a fun and nurturing group that supports, educates and empowers parents to meet their children's needs.

For information or to join, call (207) 704-0298 or search for "Pathways Connect South Berwick" on Facebook. Children are welcome.

Pathways Connect is a nonprofit educational outreach program of Pathways to Family Wellness magazine, which can be found at

Great Works Chiropractic & Wellness is located at 235 Main St. in South Berwick.

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or pick yourself up a copy of the Weekly Sentinel

Cast off with the Thomas Laighton for fun, festivities and exploration

May 10, 2013

From Foster's Daily Democrat and The Portsmouth Patch

By Heikki Perry

PORTSMOUTH — Among the most enduring signs that summer lies just around the corner is the sight of the M/V Thomas Laighton plying its way around Portsmouth Harbor. And while residents and visitors alike associate the vessel with fun and exploration, the Thomas Laighton is also an exemplar of environmentalism in action.

The Thomas Laighton is the cruise ship of the Isle of Shoals Steamship Company, an iconic Seacoast institution. Having been in Portsmouth since 1962, the ISSCo. is truly part of the community. Originally founded as Viking Cruises by Arnold Whittaker, the Steamship Company is still in the family, having been passed along first to Bob, Arnold’s son and most recently, in 1999, to Arnold’s daughter-in-law, Robin Whittaker.

The company offers a variety of tours to New Hampshire’s historic Isles of Shoals and throughout Portsmouth Harbor and the Greater Piscataqua Region, and is thoroughly committed to preserving the amazing history and heritage of the Seacoast.

Beyond those iconic tours, the company also charters the famous Thomas Laighton “party ship,” where during the summer hundreds pack the vessel to hear the best in local music — everything from rock cover bands to reggae to DJs — all while taking in the crisp evening air of summertime on the Seacoast. The company anticipates offering three or four “party cruises” a week this summer.

Running mostly private events for the month of the May, ISSCo. offered its first public cruises on May, for a Cinco de Mayo event with a DJ, proceeds going to the Make A Wish Foundation, and, as part of Pro Portsmouth, on May 5, ISSCo. hosted a Children’s Day an event it does every year...

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Combining healing arts with business leadership

May 8, 2013

From The Portsmouth Herald

By Morey Stettner

Julie Wiggin's career spans two worlds that don't normally intersect: the healing arts and the executive suite.

Wiggin, 46, serves as chief executive and chief financial officer of Metalwave, a North Hampton company that provides sustainable recycling services, including data destruction, for electronic equipment used in the military and industries ranging from information technology to medical devices to telecommunications. The firm has about 24 employees.

Question: What was your first job?

Wiggin: It was an entry-level job at State Street Bank in Quincy, Mass. I did it for 18 months. Then my career took a twisty curve.

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Local Volkswagen Dealer Champions High-Powered Hybrid

May 7, 2013

From Exeter Patch, Portsmouth Patch, and Hampton Patch 

By Alex Binder

GREENLAND — Debi Altberg wasn’t searching for a hybrid when she recently visited Seacoast Volkswagen intending to buy a second VW, but when the decision came down to which vehicle had the best fuel economy and highest miles per gallon, Altberg was sold on the new turbocharged VW Jetta Hybrid.

“We were looking at the regular Jetta,” Altberg says, “but the hybrid stood out because of its great gas mileage.” The Jetta Hybrid get’s an impressive 48 highway mpg and 42 city mpg.

Don Turbide, Seacoast Volkswagen’s business developer manager, acknowledges the stigma associated with hybrids, saying that “most hybrids are pretty boring when you come down to it, and they aren’t as fuel efficient or nice driving as advertised. But the VW Jetta Hybrid is different.”

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Artist Depicts Fate of Bees in Multimedia Event

May 7, 2013

From Exeter Patch, Portsmouth Patch, and Hampton Patch

By Alex Binder

PORTSMOUTH — While everyone has heard of global warming, not everyone has knowingly seen or felt its effects firsthand or on a traumatic, large scale. However, local artist Tim Gaudreau points out with his new art project that global warming is causing a large-scale effect on honeybees that many of us too quickly look past.

“Honeybees are a 65 million-year-old species and they are being killed off,” Gaudreau says. Honeybees pollinate one-third of the food we eat, including many fruits and vegetables.

So when the Center for Arts in Education at Boston Arts Academy called for artists to create work for its symposium, Catalyzing Conversations about Climate Change, Gaudreau had finally found the perfect opportunity to incorporate his love for honeybees with his art, and what he created is, at the very least, unique.

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5 Green Tips: Any Season Painting

May 6, 2013

This week's Green Tips come from Any Season Painting, a Portsmouth outfit committed to green products and practices for interior and exterior jobs alike.

1. You get what you pay for. Low VOC, higher-quality paints are not only made with better components, but they cover far better, requiring less paint. Spend a little more on two gallons of a better product rather than three gallons of cheap paint.

2. Every paint store has an area with "mis-tints" often sold at deep discounts. Even if you can't find the exact color you want, try mixing a couple of different ones for a shade that's all your own.

3. Reuse and repurpose. All it takes is that dresser or chair in the garage, and some leftover paint and you have a new addition to any room.

4. Go recycled. Many sundries such as rolling trays and dropcloths are made from recycled materials for close to the same price as metal/plastic/new canvas.

5. Does your kitchen need an update? There are some great low-VOC cabinet enamels you can use to prime and paint your cabinets, rather than throwing them out.

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Gundalow Company chosen for Best Boat Ride in New England 2013 by Yankee Magazine

May 6, 2013

"The Gundalow Company was chosen for the Yankee Magazine, Editor’s Choice Best of New England, Best Boat Ride 2013”

Founded in 2002, the nonprofit Gundalow Company aims to connect residents of the Seacoast and beyond with this historic icon of river commerce, while instilling a sense of environmental stewardship for the Piscataqua region’s cherished waterways. In 2011 the organization built a new gundalow – the Piscataqua – as a floating classroom for school and youth groups. They also offer two-hour public sails for up to 42 passengers Memorial Day through the end of October. Their daily river tours – which typically last about 2 hours – depart primarily from Portsmouth and are a great way to experience our rivers. They offer a variety of special sails too such as concerts, lectures, sunset sails, private charters, free trips for kids on Saturday mornings, and even brunch on Sundays!

For more information on Yankee Magazine, Click Here!

To read the full story, pick of your copy of Yankee Magazine’s May/June 2013 Travel Guide.

Green Collar Careers: Brewmaster Tyler Jones

May 6, 2013

From Foster's Daily Democrat

By Austin Sorette

When Portsmouth Brewery Head Brewer Tyler Jones, who just turned 31, describes the restaurant and brewpub’s “do-it-yourself” ethos, he’s not just describing the food on the plate or the beer in the mug. He’s talking about the whole Brewery operation, where making everything from scratch means not only sourcing the best ingredients or never cutting culinary corners, but doing it all more sustainably, as well.

After serving for years as an assistant under brewing maestro Tod Mott, Jones took over the hop helm in July 2012 intent on continuing with the Brewery’s lauded tradition of fantastic, uniquely honed libations.

Truth told, it’s a journey many years in the making: After studying Chemical Engineering at UNH, Jones spent a stint working for a Portsmouth manufacturer, before earning his Master Brewer’s Certificate from the University of California, Davis in 2006. Intent on turning his love of home-brewing into a career, Jones – a 15th generation New Hampshire native – returned to the Seacoast in 2006, and began working for the Brewery soon thereafter.

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Hooked on Recycling

May 3, 2013

From Taste

By Herb Perry

Redhook Brewery in Portsmouth is well known for its sustainability practices. It has partnered with nearby EcoMovement Consulting & Hauling implementing a top-to-bottom composting program for its food scraps; it also gives spent grains to local farms to use as feed. The brewery has switched the lighting on the premises to high-efficiency CFLs and reuses water heated during the brewing processes.

But it took a visit from a local recycling company, Poly Recovery, to prompt Redhook to take a second look at the tons of plastic it was discarding every week, like green strapping made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Redhook now sends such refuse to Poly Recovery, which transforms the material into a fine resin and then sends that a few miles down the road to Hampton's Foss Manufacturing, which transforms the resin into clothing, footwear, and carpeting, among other products. The three companies call the collaboration "The Recycling Trifecta."

To read the full article, please pick up the newest edition of Taste.

AutoBeGreen owner harkens to frugal upbringing

May 3, 2013

From Seacoast Online

By Jim Cavan

The old joke goes that if you remember the 60s, you weren't really there.

Glenn Johnson, owner of the Exeter-based AutoBeGreen, a company specializing in unique green automotive and small engine products, remembers them well — so well, in fact, that they continue to inspire his life, his family and his business even today.

Growing up in Wayland, Mass., Johnson recalls vividly the examples of conservation and frugality imparted by his grandfather — the near total eschewing of restaurants; the veritable basement hardware store of bolts and washers; the steadfast refusal to waste even the most seemingly trivial wares.

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Gundalow Piscataqua

May 3, 2013

From Coastal Home

If you are looking for a memorable boat tour of Portsmouth Harbor, take a two-hour sail on the gundalow Piscataqua. For three centuries, wooden sailing cargo barges, or gundalows, were common sights on the Piscataqua River. Now you can step back in time onboard the Piscataqua, which was built in 2011 as a sailing classroom for students, visitors, and community members.

Whether you choose a mid-day, afternoon, or sunset sail you will see Portsmouth Harbor from a new perspective. The crew will explain the sights as you sail past tankers, lighthouses, and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Check the online schedule for special "Up-River Sails" toward Dover point and Great Bay. Private charters are available, where guests can select a route up the Cochecho River or to Adams Point.

To read the full story, pick up the current issue of Coastal Home!

Healing Hands support local business, offers Mother’s Day deals

May 3, 2013

From Seacoast Online Blogs

By Jim Cavan 

We all have a pretty good idea of what “think local” means for individual consumers. Eschewing big box stores for family owned storefronts, buying products made in town, state or country – the low hanging fruit, so to speak.

In the world of small business – where stress runs high and the margins can be razor thin – the blueprint might not seem so obvious. Which is what makes the model put forth by the husband and wife team of Dr. Jessica and Brian Caruso so inspiring.

The Carusos, who own and operate Healing Hands Community Chiropractic, have managed to grow their downtown Portsmouth office with a mix of old fashioned hard work, community outreach, and – increasingly – innovative partnerships with other area business owners.

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Steamship party cruise to help Make-a-Wish

May 1, 2013

From The Portsmouth Herald

PORTSMOUTH — The Isles of Shoals Steamship Company will kick off its 2013 season with a fund-raising party for the Make-A-Wish Foundation aboard the M/V Thomas Laighton on Saturday, May 4.

The party starts at 6:30 p.m. with a free photo booth, drink specials and dancing. The ship will leave for a two-hour sunset cruise at about 7:30 p.m. Attendees must be age 21 or older. Entertainment will include music by DJ Terry Moran.

Since 1980, the Make-A-Wish Foundation has given hope, strength and joy to children with life-threatening medical conditions. It grants a child's wish in the United States every 40 minutes. The Isles of Shoals Steamship Company plans to donate 20 percent of ticket sales to the local chapter of Make-A-Wish Foundation and party attendees are encouraged to make cash donations, which will be submitted to the foundation after the cruise.

Tickets are $15 and are available online at

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