News : Volatile Oil Markets Draw Attention Back to Geothermal

Apr 22, 2013

From Foster's Daily Democrat

By Jim Cavan

Middle East tensions might be far too complex for the average citizen to fully comprehend.  But anyone who's had to fill up at the pump or have his or her home oul tank topped off over the past few years understands at least one consequence of the turmoil.

According to the Office of Energy and Planning, New Hampshire currently spends $2.6 billion every year importing petrolium products.  What's more, over half of New Hampshire homes require conventional oil for heat.  

Some would argue that Granite Staters -- and New Englanders writ large -- have little choice but to ride out the markets and hope for cheaper fuel in the future.

This story is not posted online, so to read the full story in the Earth Day insert in April 21st's Foster's, pick one up at your local newsstand!