News : Shapleigh School kids 'change the world' with composting

Apr 25, 2013

From The Portsmouth Herald

By Suzanne Laurent

KITTERY, Maine — About 20 members of Shapleigh School’s Green Team eagerly awaited a very special delivery Tuesday morning.

When a pickup truck running on biodiesel showed up at the school with two yards worth of soil, they could barely contain their excitement. This was not any dirt. It was the fruit of their labor after policing the school’s cafeteria since September to make sure trash was recycled or put into the compost bin.

Each week since September, Rian Bedard of EcoMovement picked up 200 to 300 pounds of compost material from the school, and now it is dark, rich soil for students to use in their new greenhouse.

“It’s great for the environment,” said fourth-grader Brennan Desmond, adding he tries to eat more salads that are made with organic ingredients.

“It’s amazing to think that little kids can change the world,” added fourth-grader Antonia Eaton.

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