News : Renewable Energy Entrepreneur Talks Benefits, Challenges Of Going Green In N.H.

Apr 8, 2013

From NPR State Impact

By Amanda Loder

This week, StateImpact will be checking-in on the progress of the University of New Hampshire‘s Green Launching Pad initiative. Begun in 2010 with $1.5 million in federal stimulus money, the GLP’s goal is to provide seed money, UNH faculty business expertise, and student interns to entrepreneurs in the state’s growing green sectors.

One of the Green Launching Pad’s biggest success stories has been Portsmouth-based Revolution Energy. While the company started in 2008, it didn’t really start taking off until 2010. That’s when it received a competitive $60,000 grant from the GLP in the initiative’s first round of funding. In a lot of ways, Revolution Energy looks and feels a lot like a classic start-up. At the office, the team wears casual clothes, and the decor alternates between Dungeons and Dragons classic geek-chic and internet-age irony.

Good humor, hoodies and 20-sided dice aside, sustainability is serious business for the crew at Revolution Energy.We caught up with 29 year-old co-founder Mike Behrmann and asked him about the role of the Green Launching Pad in his company’s success, and the challenges and rewards of launching a green start-up in the Granite State.

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