News : Green Tips: Zev Yoga

Apr 29, 2013

This week's Green Tips come from Zev Yoga. With locations in Portsmouth, Exeter and Dover. Zev offers an affordable, in-depth curriculum aimed at helping Seacoast residents find their own "inner sustainability."

1. Take probiotics. Probiotics are live bacteria that are beneficial for overall health, and are a great alternative to supposed "cure-all" chemicals and pills. Most health food stores carry them, so give them a try, and watch your health improve.

2. Speaking of natural health remedies, how about PREbiotics? PREbiotics are plant-based, fiber-filled foods that support the growth of good bacteria — raw onions, garlic, bananas, peas, asparagus, honey and burdock root, and the like. PREbiotics can also improve absorption of minerals, balance your pH, and improve heart health.

3. Give yoga a try. More and more people are eschewing expensive health clubs for the holistic benefits of yoga. At Zev Yoga, we help you cultivate an inner sustainability, while offering an affordable option that can help enable you to make your life even greener.

4. Bring your water bottle to the studio. Most studios will have complimentary water stations, but if you're visiting a studio in another city, don't get stuck buying bottled water.

5. Looking for a new yoga mat? Companies like Manduka ( have a great selection of sustainably rendered options.

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