News : Green Tips: Site Structures Landscape

Apr 15, 2013

From Seacoast Online

This week's Green Tips come from Site Structures Landscape of Kittery, Maine, a landscaping and hardscaping company specializing in green techniques, materials and approaches.

1. Invest in some mulch. Not only does it help reduce water evaporation; it can also prevent weeds from taking over your yard. As mulch decomposes, it can improve the soil's structure.

2. When choosing plants, think native. There are hundreds of beautiful natives perfect for your landscape. Our local wildlife appreciate its fruit and flowers, and you will appreciate its hardiness. Avoid non-native invasives.

3. Raise your mower's deck to help combat weeds. This might sound counterintuitive, but taller grass reduces weeds and encourages deeper roots, thus improving drought tolerance and overall health. Never remove more than a third of the blade at a time if you can help it, and leave the clippings — they act as a slow-release natural fertilizer. The healthier your lawn , the less weed problems.

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