News : Green Tips from Ecotech Pest Control

Apr 3, 2013

From Portsmouth Herald

By Jim Cavan

This week's Green Tips come from Tom Pray and Ecotech Pest Control, an Eliot, Maine-based company specializing in efficient, low-impact alternatives to pest control for ants, ticks, termites and more.

1. If you have gutters, make sure you calibrate them so they drain away from your home's foundation. This will help reduce the kind of damage to decks, steps and wooden siding that ants and termites feed on.

2. If you have wood mulch around your house, make sure it's not touching the foundation. Placing an 18-inch barrier of crushed stone around the foundation will prevent unwanted insects from making their way into the home.

3. Trim the bushes surrounding your home so that they aren't touching the sides of the house. Otherwise, you're giving carpenter ants and other insects a ladder from which to enter the home.

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