News : Green Collar Careers: Yankee Thermal Imaging Founder and Principal Chris Meyer

Apr 23, 2013

From The New Hampshire

By Austin Sorette

From the start, Chris Meyer, 40, was aware of how influential rising oil prices were going to be on the housing and commercial real-estate markets. By the mid 2000s, he decided to start educating himself on how to make their properties more efficient. The result of years of research led to the inception of Yankee Thermal Imaging in 2008, with the goal of providing the most advanced, reliable and cost-effective residential and commercial energy audits.

Today Meyer heads a company that is trying to redefine the way we look at efficiency. Before, people mostly concerned themselves with such things as when to replace the windows and roof, while they paid relatively little attention to the “envelope” of the building or important issues such as insulation and foundational cracks. YTI uses a high-tech approach called “thermal imaging” with cameras, “smoke pens” and blower door tests – which help calculate the rate of heat loss in a given space – being their go-to tools. By helping tenants better understand how their energy usage is being compromised, YTI helps them save time and money on their monthly bills.

a) What do you like most about your job?
I really like the idea that we are helping people save money, especially during such a tough economic time as we have experienced since 2008. Most of our clients really understand and value the capital improvements we specialize in, and the cost savings captured as a result often times have a substantial impact on their family or business budgets.

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