News : Green Collar Careers: Lynnfield Green Technologies

Apr 4, 2013

From The New Hampshire

By Austin Sorette

It’s not often that a one-time journalist and a former computer security executive join forces to create a cutting-edge green product. But that’s precisely what happened when Patrick Lucci and Gerard Kiley worked together to create Lynnfield Green Technologies, developing a multitude of cleaning and sanitizing products that not only work better, but are affordable and earth-friendly, as well. --The flagship product of the Massachusetts-based business is the Toucan-ECO, an “electrolyzer” that produces a harmless yet effective cleaning and sanitizing solution created from table salt, tap water and a small charge of electricity.

Requiring no more than a few minutes of activation time and 1.5 liters of water, the product creates a sanitizer that is more effective at 50 parts per million than chlorine bleach is at 200 parts per million, yet remains harmless to humans and pets. The electrolyzer also produces a sodium hydroxide compound that can reduce or, in some cases, eliminate the need for soaps and detergents in a variety of housekeeping applications. It is acidic and alkaline electrolyzed water. It is effective, safe and easy to generate, and it costs a half-cent per gallon on site.
Not bad for a double career audible. Indeed, if Lucci and Kiley have proven anything, it’s that it is never too late for a second career – particularly one so positively green. Lucci took the time to answer some questions about his career at Lynnfield Green Technologies last week.

AS: What do you like most about your job?

PL: My job is exciting because we are pioneering a technology that is creating a paradigm shift in cleaning and sanitizing. If it was 25 years ago and political correctness was not the rule of the day, we would still see the dreaded skull and cross bones on just about everything that we use to clean and sanitize our homes and offices.

Electrolyzed water cleans as well as most toxic cleaners and better than others, and EPA-approved lab tests clearly show that it is a superior sanitizer but is completely non-toxic to human or animal cells.

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