News : Green Collar Careers: Jim Pender Jr., president and COO of Rockingham Electric

Apr 15, 2013

From The New Hampshire

By Austin Sorrette

Today, Rockingham Electric is one of the most iconic businesses anywhere on the Seacoast – everyone knows the “big red barn” right off of Route 16. Founded in 1951, the company’s steady growth and ever-increasing popularity were dealt a huge blow in December 1968 when a fire broke out at its Portsmouth headquarters. Within hours the building – along with the inventory, company records, cash and accounts – were gone.

Former President Jim Pender, who also happens to be the father of the current president, 49-year-old Jim Pender, Jr., decided to move the company to Newington, right next to the General Sullivan Bridge, where the company continues to thrive today.

While the recession has dealt a blow to the building and construction trades, Rockingham has remained successful in part due to its optimistic embrace of efficient lighting products and design strategies, getting out in front of the forthcoming efficiency benchmarks with great enthusiasm.

“There’s somewhat of a learning curve when looking into incorporating LED lighting in particular, but there’s definitely a growing interest,” said Jim Pender, Jr., of the company’s green technology. “More and more we’re finding that people who are interested in really upgrading their home and doing it in a way that’s meaningful and more environmentally conscious, are figuring out that this is very viable choice.”

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