News : Green Business Initiative Sees Rewards, But Faces Challenges

Apr 8, 2013


By Amanda Loder

A taxpayer-funded eco-business program is paying off for New Hampshire. The Green Launching Pad at the University of New Hampshire has given grants to more than a dozen start-ups in the state. But it hasn’t awarded any new funds since last year.

But the scene at the statehouse last winter was one of optimism for a cadre of entrepreneurs and their supporters. The Green Launching Pad was awarding its companies federal money. Over the course of two years, the program got $1.5 million in stimulus funding to give out to the most promising green start-ups in the state. Then-Governor John Lynch was optimistic about the program’s future even as the federal funds were drying up.

“I think we all recognize the real value of these Green Launching Pad companies, and the partnerships with the University of New Hampshire. Because they will create manufacturing jobs in an important area for our state," Lynch said. "So because of the recognition of the importance of this, I do think the funding will be available to continue the Green Launching Pad.”

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