News : Green Alliance continues to make gains

Apr 22, 2013

From Portsmouth Herald

PORTSMOUTH — In the 43 years since its inception, Earth Day's cultural cache has blossomed enough — and inspired enough people — to yield a kind of tangential moral imperative: Every day should be earth day.

There are few organizations on the Seacoast where this mantra has taken deeper root than the Green Alliance.

Headquartered in downtown Portsmouth's historic Franklin Block building, the GA touts itself as many things — "green business union," "guerrilla public relations firm," "local green clearinghouse." At its core, however, the organization represents a critical nexus point in the Seacoast's growing green consciousness.

"If 10 different people ask what we do, you might hear 10 different answers, but we see that as a positive," said Sarah Brown, founder and director of the Green Alliance. "We wear a lot of different hats, but what we're especially passionate about is connecting green-minded consumers with the businesses that are truly doing their part to minimize their environmental impact."

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