News : EZ Bikes and Scooters Offers Seacoast Bikers More Options

Apr 22, 2013

From Foster's Daily Democrat

By Jim Cavan

What is it about a place that makes Winter's thaw complete, bicyclists the region over are beginning to untangle bike chains, grease neglected gears, and unfurl their ride day best.  It won't be long before the Seacoast's myriad trails -- be them hugged by coastline roadways or granite craggy forest beds -- pop with fresh tracks beckoning the next in line.

For decades, Americans looking for more room and less congestion were wont to hitch wagon's west, out of Eastern hubs like Metro Boston and New York and into the vast, distant suburban sprawl.  In so doing, certain sacrifices were inevitably made, not the least of which was tight-knit towns and speedy commutes for space, space, and more space -- and more time behind the wheel.

But the East Coast's recent population comeback, reinforced in part by a vibrant re-purposing of once-abandoned hubs (think mill buildings), has had another, ancillary effect: a slew of easily accessible town and country biking options for its increasingly outdoors-centric residents.

This story is not posted online, so to read the full story in the Earth Day insert in April 21st's Foster's, pick one up at your local newsstand!