News : Electrolyzer Replaces Dangerous Cleaning Agents in the Home and Saves Consumers Money

Apr 3, 2013

From the Portsmouth Patch

By Heikki Perry

Pat Lucci and Gerard Kiley are betting that once consumers learn about their green, innovative and completely safe sanitizer-cleaner they will “make the can of Comet sitting under their kitchen sink the last one they will ever buy.”

Lucci and Kiley are the managing partners of Massachusetts-based Lynnfield Green Technologies, which sells the Toucan–ECO and Toucan Mini, “electrolyzers” that produce a harmless yet effective cleaning and sanitizing solution created from table salt, tap water and a small charge of electricity. The Toucan-ECO takes four minutes — and costs less than a penny — to activate 1.5 liters of electrolyzed water comprising a cleaning and sanitizing solution. The Toucan Mini makes a smaller amount.

The sanitizer half of the machine — hypochlorous acid — according to the EPA, is 80 times more effective than chlorine bleach as a sanitizer, yet it’s completely nontoxic. And the cleanser half — sodium hydroxide — is an effective cleanser that can be used to remove dirt and grease from any device or surface, including food service operations.

“It’s at least as a good as a cleaner and sanitizer as anything you can buy,” says Lucci. “But it’s 100 percent nontoxic. It literally can’t hurt you. The EPA has put hypochlorous acid on a list of chemicals it calls GRAS, an acronym meaning “generally regarded as safe,” meaning it can’t hurt you. So safe is this sanitizer that the EPA has also approved it as a food additive.”

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