News : Dr. Delaplane treats allergies naturally at Starry Brook

Apr 8, 2013

From Fosters Daily Democrat

By Tricia Dinkel

EXETER -- Spring is known as the season of new beginnings. For those children that suffer from chronic allergies, the turning of the seasons is tough to endure when burdened with allergy-related symptoms.

Dr. Krista Delaplane joined the practice of Dr. Robyn Giard at Starry Brook Natural Medicine in January. As a naturopathic doctor and pediatric specialist, Delaplane’s services are very much needed to treat the growing number of children seeking relief from seasonal allergies. She embraces the fresh start of spring by offering her young patients allergy treatments using natural medicines.

Unlike seasonal allergy flare ups, food allergies can cause problems year round. The Centers for Disease Control reports an 18% increase in food allergies over the past decade. The increase echoes a global trend.

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