News : Be Good Branding Eschews Insincere Marketing for ‘Meaningful Brand Tactics’

Apr 17, 2013

From the Portsmouth Patch

By Heikki Perry

PORTSMOUTH — “One of my goals is to change the perception of marketing in the eyes of business owners from a means to make a profit to a means to make a difference,” says Bridget Sprague, proprietor of Be Good Branding. “And I think if you can make a difference in people’s lives with your business, then the money will come.”

Through Be Good Branding, Sprague works with socially responsible entrepreneurs and small-business owners, helping them develop a “brand strategy” to grow their business. What’s a brand strategy? “It defines a business’s core target audience and determines the messages that will resonate most with that audience,” says Sprague. “Small businesses don’t have large marketing budgets. They need to focus their energy on the people who are not only going to buy from them, but also will tell others about them.”

To get a business’s message out to its audience, Sprague helps it to develop “brand tactics.” Traditionally, advertising agencies would employ marketing tactics such as placing ads in magazines and on radio, and sending direct mail. “I stay away from traditional marketing for the most part, and try to recommend meaningful tactics that will build relationships versus just pushing out the message about what you do.”

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