News : Ancient Traditions Founder Takes Naturopathic Path Back To Seacoast

Apr 22, 2013

From Foster's Daily Democrat

By Jim Cavan

Career callings can come in any number of incarnations, from conscious networking to chance encounters, family recommendations to fiscally fruitful passion projects. Sometimes, however, the prompt can be much more intense -- frightening, even.

In a journey that has taken her from the Seacoast to the Pacific Northwest and back again, Dr. Angela Lambert's career path fell squarely in the latter camp.

Growing up, Lambert, owner of Ancient Traditions Natural Medicine in Portsmouth, displayed an immutable passion and talent for music, learning piano by the age of four, the oboe shortly thereafter, and eventually teaching herself flute and tenor sax.  When her dad needed a drummer to help hold the beat for his jazz band, Lambert learned that, too.

This story is not posted online, so to read the full story in the Earth Day insert in April 21st's Foster's, pick one up at your local newsstand!