News : UNH Dairy Bar Offers Cream of Sustainability’s Crop

Mar 20, 2013

From the Portsmouth Patch

By Heikki Perry

DURHAM, N.H. — “Sustainability is one of the UNH’s core values,” says Andrew Porter, the university’s retail manager of dining services. And diners are the beneficiaries of an embodiment of those values, a university sustainability program that grows fresh greens locally for consumption at the UNH Dairy Bar.

UNH is practicing sustainability in a substantive and beneficial way, taking advantage of its status as a land grant institution with a cooperative extension program to grow vegetables on its campus farm, supplying the UNH Dairy Bar with fresh, tastier greens, recycling 90 percent of the Dairy Bar’s food waste, while also teaching students about horticulture in a hands-on way.

Located at the Durham train station, the Dairy Bar has always been an asset for the Durham community, and now it’s taking its efforts to the next level, along the way showcasing its ability to be sustainable in an ever-growing variety of ways.

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