News : New School Offers Learning For The Little Ones

Mar 11, 2013

MADBURY — A new school is on its way to town that encourages kids to color outside the lines.

Little Tree, a Montessori-based infant and toddler school, believes children will have enough worksheets and instruction later in life. They work toward redefining the standard of early education by observing and fostering the strengths of their students.

Little Tree in Madbury is owned by Sarah Greenshields, who has done business and administration work for schools for over 10 years. Greenshields moved to Montana and worked for the original Little Tree in Bozeman before moving back home to New Hampshire and opening her own school located at 314 Route 108.

“We’re here for modern families,” she said, “from the flexibility in our schedules to the way we teach.”

The school offers anywhere from two half days to five full days of education a week for six-week-old babies to six-year-old children. Prices range from just under $400 to just over $1,200 per month for tuition.

There are three classrooms within the building, with just doorways separating the learning experiences.

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