News : Green Cocoon Helps Homeowners Green at the Source

Mar 22, 2013

From The Exeter Patch

By Jim Cavan

The rapid growth of green consumerism over the past decade hasn’t lacked in motivational factors; be it acknowledging humankind’s environmental impact, or the green sector’s increasing price competitiveness, the sustainability sell is becoming ever easier to make.

But for as crucial as life’s littler wares are to the overall green movement, people forget that the biggest source of waste – by a large margin – just so happens to be their important asset: the home.

Enter Green Cocoon, a Salisbury company specializing in green insulation for both residential and commercial applications. Despite embarking at the outward limits of the housing bubble, Green Cocoon has managed to survive – and thrive – based on the idea that going deep green doesn’t have to bust the bottom line.

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