News : Exeter Leads the Way in Region’s New Sustainable Economy

Mar 29, 2013

From Exeter Patch

By Austin Sorette

There is something about Exeter that has been capturing the attention of green-minded people all over New Hampshire.  Distinguished from the surrounding coastal towns, Exeter is a town committed to building a local economy where local businesses thrive over major conglomerates and chains.

“Exeter has increasingly had more businesses integrate sustainability into their business operations,” says Laura Mackay, owner of Acorn Organic Salon. “We love the chance to inspire other businesses to make the changes and to come to us with questions about the environmental initiatives we have at Acorn.”

The network of sustainability has a broad range in Exeter; everything from a nail salon to a yoga studio, a bicycle shop to a green vehicle supply store each can be found operating on a paradigm that is focused on treating our planet a little more gently.

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