News : Green Tips from Rockingham Electric Supply Co.

Feb 22, 2013

This week's Green Tips come from Rockingham Electric in Newington, which offers a wide range of lighting products and accessories.

1. CFLs: You may not know them by name, but those swirly light bulbs that remind you of soft-serve ice cream are called CFLs and are the best bulbs for your home or office lighting. Even though they cost a little more than incandescent bulbs, they use about a quarter as much energy and last around 10,000 hours longer.

2. If a CFL breaks, you can clean it up. Be sure to wear gloves and a protective mask. Sweep all the dust into a sealed container using a wet paper towel. Turn off the central air for 15 minutes, and take the container to your recycling center.

3. Materials: Eco-friendly bulbs are great, but they can be even better when used in eco-friendly lamps and light fixtures. To find sustainable lamps and fixtures, look for ones that are made with natural, recycled or reused materials.

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